Safety is Everyone’s Full-Time Job at Consolidated Bus

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The Safety Pledge

Our team promises to uphold exceptional safety standards with every single bus, driver, and ride. We know you are putting your family in our hands. Our promise to keep this community safe means responsibly adapting to new situations as they arise. While the city can feel unpredictable at times, our job is to create consistency and trust. New York City is our community. Your family is our family. We promise to keep them safe.

A Special Team Dedicated to Safety

The safety of your little riders is our top priority. That’s why we have an entire team dedicated to upholding safety standards. This group is constantly reevaluating and pinpointing new opportunities for ride consistency and security. From construction along our routes to COVID-19, this team’s intention is to ensure that every ride is safe no matter what circumstances come our way.


Our safety records didn’t happen by accident! The CBT fleet adheres to the highest standards set forth by New York City, State, and Federal regulations. The maintenance team is always on call to guarantee our buses are running smoothly and every driver undergoes extensive background checks and safety training programs. We’re born and bred New Yorkers… which means we know the best routes, we have the best buses, and we employ the best people.


Consolidated is dedicated to keeping the tardy slips out of your kid’s hands. Our team plays a small but vital role in your child’s education. It’s personally important to us to do our part and make sure they get to school on time. It’s equally important to get your kids home on time. Despite the ever changing nature of NYC traffic, we will always strive to be consistent, punctual, and respectful of your time.