Safety is OUR #1 Priority

Consolidated Bus Transit believes all transportation services must begin with an extensive and comprehensive Safety Plan. At Consolidated Bus Transit, we strive to maintain the highest safety standards. This means a strict adherence to our vehicle safety procedures and strict compliance with all relevant federal, state, and New York City regulations. Extensive safety training is provided to all drivers and dispatchers on all regulated safety procedures. In addition, all employees are instructed on proper behavior when interacting with customers.

Vehicle Safety Procedures

Consolidated Bus Transit’s vehicle maintenance is paramount in ensuring safe driving. Vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. We ensure that all our vehicles adhere to all OSHA, federal, and state regulations. All vehicles are routinely maintained either every 3 months or every 6000 miles, whichever comes first.

Here at Consolidated Bus Transit, our vehicles are subject to rigorous inspections on a daily basis to reduce downtime and chances of vehicle breakdowns. We promote and encourage a good relationship between drivers and mechanics to ensure that all potential problems are addressed properly. We take preventative maintenance to resolve issues before they occur.

Safety Training

Here at Consolidated Bus Transit, our main priority is safety. That’s why all our drivers and matrons go through an extensive training program that will ensure all passengers are safe at all times. Consolidated Bus Transit drivers and attendants are reminded on a constant basis of safety rules and regulations. Our drivers and matrons are repeatedly tested with our safety training programs throughout their tenure. Our training program includes topics that include:

Effective Defensive Driving Techniques
Judgment & School Bus Safety
Driver, Attendant, & Monitor Responsibilities
Hazard Awareness
Fatigue & Medication Dangers

Our Drivers & Attendants

At Consolidated Bus Transit, we expect nothing but the best from our drivers and attendants, because New York City expects nothing but the best from us. Providing dependable and safe service requires qualified drivers and attendants.

To find the most qualified drivers and attendants, we conduct comprehensive background checks as well as in-house road tests. We require numerous pre-service certificates, ensuring potential drivers have backgrounds in safety and transportation.

We maintain the highest standards possible, as mandated by the Department of Education, Department of Motor Vehicles, and the NYC Transit Authority. Our drivers and attendants are required to take multiple safety and training courses throughout the year and receive daily instruction by our safety team. Our drivers and attendants are also required to receive annual medical examinations and are subject to random and pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings.