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Your Safety and Satisfaction are our top priority
Consolidated Bus Transit has provided outstanding school bus transportation to the 5 boroughs and Nassau County for over 50 years. Count on us as your reliable bus company in NYC.
Consolidated Bus has been a reliable, encouraging, and thoughtful employer since Day One. I honestly love waking up and going to work each morning. Most people in the world aren’t lucky enough to say that. CBT has an environment where everyone is willing and eager to help each other. I know with certainty that our management team is willing to help at any level of the business. That makes work enjoyable for me.
Jacob Wilder
As a driver, it makes me feel good to know that I play a role in helping these kids get their education. It’s my job to keep them safe when the roads are icy – and that’s not a responsibility I take lightly. There’s nothing better than hearing these little kids say ‘good morning’ when they get on the bus and ‘thank you’ each time they step off.
Rebecca Harris
Bus Driver
CBT is the best company I have ever worked for! When I go into work, I know that my voice will be heard. I even consider my coworkers as good friends. It’s the type of workplace that I couldn’t ever imagine leaving. The benefits are pretty great, too.
Sarah Kramer
HR Assistant
Consolidated has been really, really good to me. I’ve worked here for over 20 years and genuinely mean it when I say I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I will work here until the day I retire. It’s that good here!
Hakeem Roberts
Automotive Electrician
On my first day, I saw a member of the CBT executive team changing a tire. I think that really says it all. Our management is never above helping the team. Changing light bulbs, replacing oil, cleaning the inside of a bus – their work ethic makes me happy to do my job. It’s fulfilling to work for like-minded people.
Richard Davis
Diesel Mechanic
I tell all my trustworthy friends the same thing – you need to apply to Consolidated Bus right now. It’s hard to find such a fulfilling job in NYC. When I go to work each day, I really feel like part of the community. That feeling is irreplaceable. It’s the best job in the city!
Lorena Martinez
Lorena Martinez