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Safety-Focused Service

When you place your child on our bus, we know that’s an act of trust. We’re committed to earning that trust every day. The Consolidated Bus team cares for your children like they’re a part of our family. In fact, some of these kids are our own children. So rest assured – safety is at the heart of every decision we make.


School Bus Transportation Services

We’ve been serving the greater New York City community for over 50 years but nothing about our current fleet could be considered old-school. We employ safety officers who independently audit and monitor driver behavior. Our future-forward vehicles use GPS monitoring to ensure safer driving habits. From wheelchair-friendly buses to commuter vans, our fleet is as diverse as New York City itself.

A Family Business

If there’s one thing we’ve learned while working with family and 25,000+ children, it’s patience. We’re proud to say that our family-run business is still standing. However, it’s not only a family affair for us… If you grew up in the city then you were riding our buses as a kid, too. It’s certainly a much newer fleet but we’re the same trustworthy company. Our leadership team is always here, always available, and always has been.

Join Our Team

Consolidated is currently recruiting safe drivers who know their way around New York City, mechanics who know their way around an engine, and driver attendants to keep every ride safe and smooth. We’re always looking for dependable members of the community to join our team. The wheels on the bus go round and round – but only with your help.

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